NeuralRadianceFields_[2020] A method that achieves state-of-the-art results for synthesizing novel views of complex scenes by optimizing an underlying continuous volumetric scene function using a sparse set of input views.

DeepFake from Video Source [2020]

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition in China, and artificial intelligence software company SenseTime developed the method for creating deepfakes from audio sources.

DeepFake with master impressionist [2020]

A deep fake comparison, in collaboration with Hollywood impressionist Jim Meskimen. Created using DeepFaceLabs Interessanterweise ist die Codebasis hinter dem Video open source: Ein “behind the scenes” aus dem Herbst, mit dem selben Mann: Für Performance wäre … Read More


You hear three blows given by a wooden rod on the stage floor, and then the hefty red curtain before you opens. You get on stage. In front of you is a box full of playing cards. You open it. But you barely have time to play around with the King and Queen of Hearts, who amuse you with their funny faces that a Rabbit bursts into the room and jostles you.… Read More