Powering MoCap Cameras

To power on the OptiTrack MoCap system, follow this procedure:

  1. Navigate to the Home page on the touch panel in the back corner of the room
  2. Login as Admin
  3. Navigate to the AV page
  4. Toggle the power controls Nr. 13 –> Manuell –> I/O & Nr. 15 –> Manuell –> I/O to the on (green) setting in the for WAK Galerien Gessneralle (Ost) section
  5. Navigate to Light 2 and toggle Treppe Sihl and Treppe Gessneralle to activate the lover level cameras.
  6. After starting the OptiTrack software on the Alienware computer, the rings on the face of the cameras should light up. The rings will initially be green, they will turn blue once they are sufficiently calibrated
  7. When finished, be sure to turn Nr. 13 & Nr. 15 back to the off (red) setting.
  8. Logout from the system (if it has not already automatically timed out)