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How to import and stitch 3D recordings from the Insta360 pro 2 in Workflow
Jun 23rd 22

Installations First you need to make sure you have all the required software installed. You need both the Stitcher and the Insta360 Pro apps. The ...

Siemens control in Room
Jun 6th 21

The complete IAS infrastructure is controlled (or at least switched on) by the Siemens control panel, located left to the backstage (Lager) door. It controls the room lights, enables the aeration ...

Control panel
LightBridge in Lights
Apr 12th 22

Lightbridge is a MaxMSP app using Mira4Web to generate a simple to use GUI to control the Lighting situation inside the IASpace. In order to make it work three conditions have to be met: the main ...

Moby focus drift correction in Projection
Apr 11th 22

Depending on the amount of white pixel content, Moby can have important temperature differences that directly influence its focus length. Barco implemented a shift correction that adapts this length ...

Barco projector toolset in Others
Apr 10th 22

The Barco projector toolset allows you to connect a IP-enabled projector (like Moby and the four F80-Q9) and to work around the hand remote limitations, especially when the LEDs of the MoCap system ...

Project from Moby onto the OPERA screen in Projection
Apr 7th 22

In order to get a sharp picture on the whole screen, the projector has to be in a precise right angle with the OPERA screen (physically reduce Keystone effect). For that Moby's motorized frame allows ...

Python - venv in Python
Mar 31st 22

Creating lightweight “virtual environments” allows to use for each python app its own python environment. When we use python apps on the machines in IASpace and a venv is required, we can follow the ...

Telemersive Gateway in Network
Mar 20th 22

Telemersive Gateway is a peer application implementing the telemersive-bus protocol. It communicates with the telemersive-router to connect all peers inside a telemersive room. It allows sharing OSC ...

MoCap Setup for Drones in MoCap
Nov 18th 21

This setup allows for tracking of drones flying up to the height of the rig and to a lesser degree for tracking on the ground (It can comfortably track multiple Skeletons if no obstructions stand in ...

Release Unity Package in Unity
Oct 26th 21

Since Unity 2019 it is possible to use the package manager to install packages into Unity projects. With it, it is possible to add functionality (code & assets) from a repository directly into ...