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Useful Audio Patches in MaxMSP
Apr 30th 24

Frequency analysis This max patches analyses an incoming sound on specific frequency ranges, and output a value for the energy that is present in a specific range. This can be used to trigger ...

Streaming Motive rigid bodies to Ambisonic Audio in Reaper via Max/MSP in MaxMSP
Oct 14th 20

Streaming data from Motive to Max/MSP Set up Motive to send rigid body information (see the Data Streaming section in Motive for how to do this). Once registering the rigid body ID, inside Motive, ...

3D Printing in 3D Printing
Nov 2nd 23

SLS 3D printing To do Selective Laser Sintering at the Uni, you can use Romans Fuse 1 Machine, but need to upload the files to this link.

Spacestream in Others
Oct 3rd 23

Spacestream is our goto solution to stream depth data via spout or syphon from realsense or kinect azure cameras Installation Follow the instructions. For creating a venv follow these instructions. ...

Perception Neuron in MoCapSuit
Aug 10th 23

Full body tracking (head orientation, hands, legs, torso, etc) Prerequisites Noitom’s Axis Neuron software application. This application is needed because it streams the tracking data to FaceRig St ...

Camera Canon EOS C70 in Camera
Jun 16th 23

Menu Camera Setup 1 Iris increment -> 1/3 stop 2 Shutter mode -> Speed Sutter Increment -> 1/4 stop ISO/Gain -> ISO ISO/Gain Mode -> Manual ISO/Gain Extended Range -> Off ISO ...

Streaming OSC to Blender in Blender
Apr 25th 23

Download and use this Blender add-on: blender.NodeOSC.

OptiTrack Mocap Skeleton in Notch
Mar 2nd 23

This guide explain how to control a skeletal rigs from an OptiTrack in Notch. See also the Notch manual for more information. Import the skeleton into Notch. When prompt, make sure to change the Scene ...

Co-Location Multi User XR in Software
Feb 16th 23

Co-Experiencing Virtual Spaces is a framework in the game engine Unity which allows co-location tracking of multiple VR glasses in the same real space as well as in the same virtual space. By an ...

Files organisation in Computers
Apr 3rd 24

Development is primarily carried out in the corresponding project folders on the D-Drive 00_Core. An exception is made for tools such as SPARCK, NATNET2OSC, Blender Addons, UnityAddons etc.. These are ...