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ASM steel band hoists in Rig
Jun 6th 21

PLEASE NOTE: THE ASM STEEL BAND HOISTS SHOULD NOT BE USED BEFORE YOU HAVE BEEN INTRODUCED TO THEM!! The hoists are controlled by the ASM remote according to the following procedure: Switch on the ...

Siemens control in Room
Jun 6th 21

The complete IAS infrastructure is controlled (or at least switched on) by the Siemens control panel, located left to the backstage (Lager) door. It controls the room lights, enables the aeration ...

Control panel
Audio infrastructure in Audio
May 25th 21

Speaker setup The IAS is equipped with a 3rd order ambisonic loudspeaker setup with 37 two-way speakers and four sub-woofers (cf. picture below). They are controlled by the Yamaha CL-3 sound desk on a ...

Washing mocap body suits in MoCapSuit
Oct 22nd 20

The used body suits can be washed by an external service called Tick Wash. Up to five complete suits can be washed in a small bag (white with blue bands, #1) for CHF 38.- and (probably) nine in a ...

Body suit
Laundry service
Tick wash
Washing service
Streaming OSC Motive to Unity in MoCap
Oct 17th 20

While technically simple, it has to tranformed from right-handed to left-handed coordionate system: Using this library: Following the instruction and ...

Linking rigid bodies from Motive to ambisonic audio in Reaper via Max/MSP in Audio
Oct 14th 20

To Do: clean this all up (this is just a placeholder) Streaming data from Motive Set up Motive to send rigid body info (see data streamin in Motive section of wiki ...

Maths in Workflow
Oct 4th 20

1 Euro Filter 1 Euro Filter is a fast lowpass filter ideal for human motions: real time demo: ...

Assets in Workflow
Oct 4th 20

3d Assets Creatures: Textures Videos VJ-loops: mantissa

Overview UnityTeam Digital Human Rigging & Shading in Modelling
Sep 3rd 20

A general overview of some of the tools and workflows used and applied by the Unity Team for the creation of their state of the art Digital Human, Gawain. ==== Maya File ==== === Rig === They used two ...

Clone 00_core repository in Computers
Aug 26th 20

If you need to install 00_core on a D:\ drive Make sure git is installed Make sure you have the public/private IASpace Keys go to the folder ...