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EOS negative Home values in EOS
Dec 16th 22

When controlling light fixtures with faders, the values change between 0 and 100% (like for light intensity). Moving lights typically have e.g. for pan/tilt negative values (0 is the middle point). In ...

Motive 3.x in Motive
Oct 14th 22

Motive is the software designed to handle the motion capture systems for various tracking applications. Motive allows us to calibrate and configure the system and provides the interfaces for capturing ...

Scanning with Faro in Scanning
Sep 9th 22

This Tutorial tries to show the most important steps to successfully capture pointclouds, register them and export them into the desired format for further use. Faro Focus Using the Faro Focus scanner ...

Sparck installation in Sparck
Sep 8th 22

This installation needs to be perfomed when Sparck is used for the the first time in Max. Download and install MaxLunch Max and create a new patch. File > New Patcher.Add a Sparck app inside the ...

Projection with Sparck in Projection
Sep 8th 22

Sparck documentation. Sparck software.

How to import and stitch 3D recordings from the Insta360 pro 2 in Workflow
Jun 23rd 22

Installations First you need to make sure you have all the required software installed. You need both the Stitcher and the Insta360 Pro apps. The ...

IAS video template in Templates
May 13th 22

The graphic template video with its relative graphics & logos for creating IAS videos can be found in the IAS switch drive under: /IASpace/20_mediapool/Graphics/_IASpace-Video-Graphic-Template ...

HDRI and Cubemaps in Modelling
May 10th 22

HDRI free HDRI's for download: Cubemap A fine tool to transform HDRI to cubemap:

How to use this Wiki in Wiki
Apr 21st 22

Assuming you have editor credentials and are logged in: Add new Article Got to add new articleSet a meaningful titleadd a accordion-block bypressing the plus icon next to the text 'Type / to choose a ...

LightBridge in Lights
Apr 12th 22

Lightbridge is a MaxMSP app using Mira4Web to generate a simple to use GUI to control the Lighting situation inside the IASpace. In order to make it work three conditions have to be met: the main ...