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OSC Tools in Network
May 18th 20

OSC tools is a collection of tools that use OSC in different ways: Score and TWO allow to control simultaneously multiple application via timelines. Score A free and open-source intermedia sequencer. ...

Make Digital Humans Look Real in Modelling
Apr 30th 20

In this article, I would like to describe techniques that make a digital human look more real to viewer. We will mainly use Unity to show the examples, but the workflows should be applicable for other ...

Retopology in Modelling
Mar 2nd 20

When it comes to cleaning up scan data, always start with the best geometry. This means generate a low poly quad mesh. Basic workflow (Wrap3 and Zbrush) Export Base Mesh as ...

Mocap Setup A (8x10m) in MoCap
Feb 26th 20

Das neue Setup MoCapHQ ermöglicht ein hochqualitatives Tracking innerhalb des A-space von maximal 8 x 10m. Die Kameras werden über 3 Ebenen verteilt, wobei die unterste Ebene in etwa auf Hüfthöhe lie ...

Motive/Optitrack Workflows in MoCap
Feb 13th 20

Optitrack Camera Setups/Arrangements Mocap Setup A (8x10m) - This configurations is for a high accurate capture inside the A rig space. Wanding procedure/movement for passive wand (Video by Optitrack) ...

Data Exchange in Filer
Feb 3rd 20

For exchanging large files: SwitchFileExchange

Sparck in Projection
Dec 17th 19

Sparck documentation.

Filer organisation in Filer
Dec 3rd 19

This page describe how to use the Filer. Under Each folder you will find an individual input on what kind of infos you can expect to find, what data should be stored where and how you should structure ...

Access Filer from a personal computer in Filer
Dec 3rd 19

All data located on the filer can be accessed from home or from the ZHdK network on a personal computer not bound to the ZHdK domain. From home, you have to be connected to the internet via the VPN ...

Link to Filer in Filer
Dec 3rd 19

In order to access the filer you need to be inside the zhdk-net. If you are outside ZHdK, you need to use a VPN connection to the ZHdK first. ...