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The Mocap Setup used during Kusunda in MoCap
Aug 7th 20

Best results were achieved with the following: 34 cameras. Most on Rig A with a height of just below the 2nd floor stairs. Other cameras on pillar plus 6 on the bars hanging down from the rig. Camera ...

Accessing the Netgear 10GB Switch in Network
Jul 3rd 20

In order to access the Netgear M4300-28G 10GB Switch simply open a web browser with the following URL: The login is: adminThere is no password needed at this time.

Xsens OSC to Max/MSP in Audio
Jun 23rd 20

Is possible to send Xsens skeleton data to Max/MSP using OSC messages. Launch Xsens MVNGo to ‚ÄĆOption -> Network Streamer.Add a new destination configuration and set the Host (IP address) and the P ...

Telematics in Network
Jun 19th 20

Streaming Audio from Max to Twitch Tutorial from Cycling74: link Streaming Video from Max/Jitter to Wherever Tutorial from Cyling74: link

Data Protocols in Network
May 23rd 20

Data protocols are an integral part of working with different Application inside IASpace. We are using a selection of easy to use and implementable data protocols for Light ControlMotion Capture ...

OSC Tools in Network
May 18th 20

OSC tools is a collection of tools that use OSC in different ways: Score and TWO allow to control simultaneously multiple application via timelines. Score A free and open-source intermedia sequencer. ...

Volumetric Capture in VoluCap
May 13th 20

Studios 4dviews in London (UK).VolucapIntelMicrosoftMetastageDimension studioScandyholocap Software & Tools EF EVE8th wall

Auto Keypoint Extractor for Retopology in Modelling
Apr 30th 20

The idea of this tool is to extract the facial keypoints of a texture, mark the vertices and export the information for retopology tools like R3DS Wrap. Alex with annotated keypoints The tool ...

Make Digital Humans Look Real in Modelling
Apr 30th 20

In this article, I would like to describe techniques that make a digital human look more real to viewer. We will mainly use Unity to show the examples, but the workflows should be applicable for other ...

Retopology in Modelling
Mar 2nd 20

When it comes to cleaning up scan data, always start with the best geometry. This means generate a low poly quad mesh. Basic workflow (Wrap3 and Zbrush) Export Base Mesh as ...