EOS negative Home values

When controlling light fixtures with faders, the values change between 0 and 100% (like for light intensity). Moving lights typically have e.g. for pan/tilt negative values (0 is the middle point).

In order to obtain the full range of movement with fader control, the Home value of a parameter has to be set to the minimal negative value. For that, one needs first to define a Home Preset that can be applied to desired parameters.

Define and apply Home Preset

In EOSnomad, go to Setup > System Settings and enter 9999 as Home Preset

EOS menu
System Settings

Then type the Preset key (alt-P), select the channel and the parameter to edit, and enter the Home value. E.g.

Command line to set the PAN home value of channel 51 to -216 instead of 0

At the end, all parameters with a specific Home value are displayed in the Preset page, when other remain empty

Oveview of the modified parameters in the Preset 9999 page

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