Perception Neuron

Full body tracking (head orientation, hands, legs, torso, etc)


  1. Noitom’s Axis Neuron software application. This application is needed because it streams the tracking data to FaceRig Studio.
  2. Axis Neuron supports rendering pre-recorded motion animations, so the Perception Neuron Suit is optional.
  3. For info on how to properly setup the Perception Neuron suit and record/stream motion data, it is recommended following the appropriate documentation:

Adding Perception Neuron to FaceRig Studio

  1. open Axis Neuron application.
  2. go to File > Settings > Broadcasting and make sure the BVH toggle is checked.
  3. go to FaceRig Studio.
  4. go to Advanced UI.
  5. go to Advanced Tracking Configuration (button present on the right side menu).
  6. select PerceptionNeuron from the drop-down list and hit Add button.
  7. if the ULSee tracker has all the modules active, by default, the Perception Neuron tracker will initialize with body modules (Hands) and the Head Movement and Upper Body Movement toggled off, because they are tracked and inferred from the ULSee tracker. Toggle these two options (Head Movement and Upper Body Movement) OFF in the ULSee section and toggle them ON in the Perception Neuron section.
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