• Output a value of a node to a CHOP > Null node and from this Null node to the destination node. This ensures that you can add different other nodes in between and you do not have to reconnect the parameters
  • Check performance by Rightclick > Info… or Middleclick on Node to check how much cook time it needs and how complex (points, vertices, etc.) it has.
  • Do not transform 3D objects directly (bad performance, because every point of 3D objects, will be transfored). Better output 3D object into COMP>Geometry node and transform this node.

OP Create Dialog

  • TOP: 2D objects
  • CHOP: Channel Operators or signal generators
  • SOP: Surface Operators (3D)
  • MAT: Materials
  • DAT: Data operators

Useful Shortcuts

H           Home (show all)
SHIFT+H     Home Object (focus selected object)
TAB         Show Operators
P           Show Property Editor
A           Activate Node
W           Wireframe Mode

Connecting With Motive

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