Audio infrastructure

Speaker setup

The IAS is equipped with a 3rd order ambisonic loudspeaker setup with 37 two-way speakers and four sub-woofers (cf. picture below).IAS speaker plan

They are controlled by the Yamaha CL-3 sound desk on a Dante network.

Switching on

  • On the Siemens control, go to ‘Effektlicht 2, Schaltverteiler & Peripherie’ and switch on all the odd SPS power socket pairs, except #29.
  • Turn on the sound desk at its back side (above the power cord).
  • When the notification ‘I/O Device #2 – Connected’ appears, the audio system is ready to work.
  • IF NOT ALL SPEAKERS WORK: wait for 5 minutes until the whole Dante network has re-initialized.

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