Audio infrastructure

Speaker setup

The IAS is equipped with a 3rd order ambisonic loudspeaker setup with 37 two-way speakers and four sub-woofers (cf. picture below).

They are controlled by the Yamaha CL-3 sound desk on a Dante network.

Switching on

  • On the Siemens control, go to ‘Effektlicht 2, Schaltverteiler & Peripherie’ and switch on all the odd SPS power socket pairs, except #29.
  • Turn on the sound desk at its back side (above the power cord).
  • When the notification ‘I/O Device #2 – Connected’ appears, the audio system is ready to work
  • IF NOT ALL SPEAKERS WORK: wait for 5 minutes until the whole Dante network has been initialized.

Using the IAS audio infrastructure

Basic settings of the audio system with presets are explained in the workflow section.

Audio system routing

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