Clone 00_core repository

If you need to install 00_core on a D:\ drive

  • Make sure git is installed
  • Make sure you have the public/private IASpace Keys from the \\\collaboration\IASpace\10_infrastruktur\02_hardware\.ssh (copy paste this link inside the File explorer) inside the  <user>/.ssh – folder
  • open a Command Prompt Window
  • type the text below, this will point to the directory where the repositoiry will be cloned
  • hit enter
  • copy paste the text below, this will clone the 00_core repository
git clone 00_core --recurse-submodules --remote-submodules
  • hit enter, it will enter the new 00_core directory
cd 00_core
  • hit enter and copy paste the text below, it will update the files
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