Linking rigid bodies from Motive to ambisonic audio in Reaper via Max/MSP

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Streaming data from Motive

  1. Set up Motive to send rigid body info (see data streamin in Motive section of wiki
  2. Make a note of the rigid bodies you are using (the default expected from the Max patch are 1, 2, 3, & 4)
  3. Run the appropriate NatNet2OSC script to connect to the audio computer

Reaceiving Data in Max/MSP

  1. Open route_rigid_body_data_to_ambi_plugin_v02  in MAX
  2. Veryify that you have the OSC IN box in the upper left checked to receive data from Motive
  3. Verify that the correct INPUT PORT # is selected (default 54321)
  4. Set up to 4 rigid bodies to be forwarded to Reaper by setting the RIGID BODY A/B/C/D#: at the top of each box
  5. Verify that ROTATE POSITION is set to 90° for each rigid body
  6. Verify that each RIGID BODY NAME IN PLUGIN is set to a unique string (that doesn’t begin with a number), i.e. s1, s2, s3, & s4.  Take note of these names, as they must match the names in Reaper

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