In order to start FaceRig, you have to doubleClick SteamLogin_FaceRig on the Desktop. Then you need to go to Beenden and select “FaceRigStudio Personal”.

Connecting with RunCam 2 (IP Camera)

The RunCam2 Camera works like as if it is a WiFi-Router. The computer (be it a PC or a Mobile) will connect it as if it connects to a WLAN. Once it does, it will receive a IP-address (usually – I don’t think multiple device can connect).

Check the manual: http://runcam.com/download/runcam2/RunCam2manual-EN.pdf

  1. Switch on RunCam Camera until Powerbutton lights up blue
  2. Press WiFi Button until Wifi-Led blinks blue
  3. Start WLAN and select RUNCAM2_846eb6 (or something similar)
  4. Enter Password 1234567890
  5. Wifi-Led stops blinking
  6. FaceRigStudio > Advanced UI> Advanced Tracking Configuration > Input Device
  7. Input Type > IP Camera
  8. IP Camera url > rtsp://
  9. Connect.

Connecting with Axio Neuron

Streaming Avatar

You need to have installed:

  1. Select Broadcast inside FaceRig
  2. Open OBS (Open Broadcasting Sofware)
  3. On the tab Sources+Video Capture Device → on the Device dropdown menu select FaceRig Virtual Camera
  4. Right click new SourceFilter
  5. Add Chroma Key
  6. MenuTools/WerkzeugeNDI-OutputSettings
  7. Start NDI to Spout application
  8. Select NDI source
  9. Open Spout Receiver

Custom Character

Create your own Custom FaceRig Character

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