When it comes to cleaning up scan data, always start with the best geometry. This means generate a low poly quad mesh.

Basic workflow (Wrap3 and Zbrush)

  1. Export Base Mesh as OBJ
  2. Export Scan as OBJ
  3. Load base mesh and scan into Wrap3
  4. Selection alignment points
  5. Wrap mesh
  6. Export wrapped mesh
  7. Load wrap mesh into Zbrush
  8. Subdivide wrapped mesh
  9. If necessary, project details from scan to subdivided wrapped mesh following this tutorial Projecting High-Res Models in Blender 2.8 using Shrinkwrap
  10. Clean scan



  • R3DS Wrap, quick and easy way to re-mesh the scan with a pre existing UV mapped base mesh.
  • instaLOD optimisation of 3D content.


Blender addons

  • BakeMyScan provides an easy GUI access to powerful remeshing & retopolgy software, all within blender 2.79.
  • Retopoflow is an add-on for blender at 86€.
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