Lightbridge is a MaxMSP app using Mira4Web to generate a simple to use GUI to control the Lighting situation inside the IASpace.

In order to make it work three conditions have to be met:

  • the main switch of the room is set to off. (there are three such switch at each door.)
  • the ETC app and the LightBridge app are running on the machines Absinthe / Heroine.
  • You can access the IASpace LAN via cable or WiFi

If everything works according to plan, you simple have to click here, and you have access to the GUI.

The main tab of the Lightbridge GUI is Roomlights.

Roomlights allows you set all the cleaning lights individually, and by using the blue sliders you can controll the intensity of the selected lights.

The yellow sliders Overrides the individual settings. Once these sliders are set to 0, the individual settings take precedent.

ArriRows are 6 rows of 3 spots each. Once they are switched on by the blue button called ‘Arri spots’, each row can be individually controlled.

There are two color modes, one which allows to set RGB values plus a white addition, the other to set the color temperature.

Presets allow to store specific settings for recall.

Best practice is to first press’load’ before you start using it.

If you want to store the current settings, press first the button ‘storeOff’ so it turns into ‘storeOn’, and then select the preset button you want to store the settings in.

Once you are are happy with your presets, you can press ‘save’ to store the presets for future use

LightBridge is developed on this gitlab repo:

The compiled standalone app can be found inside the filer under

08_software > 0_server_only

The App is started in conjunction with the ETC app.

Three scheduled tasks are set to start ETC and Lightbridg in the correct sequence and can be found inside

08_software > 0_server_only>TaskScheduler

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