How to use this Wiki

Assuming you have editor credentials and are logged in:

  • Got to add new article
  • Set a meaningful title
  • add a accordion-block by
    1. pressing the plus icon next to the text ‘Type / to choose a block’
    2. search for ‘Accordion’
    3. select Accordion
    4. confirm by choosing style
  • add text and images (see more about this below)
  • open up settings (upper-left -> cog-icon)
  • tab ‘Article’ -> Wiki Category
  • Select one (or two) Category
  • press ‘Publish’

If you are logged in and have edit rights, there should be a top bar with ‘edit article’

  1. create screenshot
    1. on windows use ‘snip & sketch’
      1. create new snapshot
      2. add markings
      3. save image with meaningful name
      4. find saved image on filer by pressing […] -> Open file
      5. drag and drop image into editor.
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