IAS video template

The graphic template video with its relative graphics & logos for creating IAS videos can be found in the IAS switch drive under: /IASpace/20_mediapool/Graphics/_IASpace-Video-Graphic-Template

Change the I.A [] logo accordingly to the kind of project the video represents: I.A[space], I.A[event], I.A[project], I.A[research], I.A[edu], I.A[focus].


  • The ZHdK full logo must be on the left top corner, on every frame where white text on a black background is present. While the I.A[] logo must be on the right top corner.
  • Use the ZHdK short logo on every frame that contains anything else than text.

Apply a master page to a document page

  • To apply a master page to a single page, drag the master page icon onto a page icon in the Pages panel. When a black rectangle appears around the page you want, release the mouse button.
Inside inDesign, in the right top corner under Pages, you will find all the master pages.

Graphic template for video preview

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