Washing mocap body suits

The used body suits can be washed by an external service called Tick Wash. Up to five complete suits can be washed in a small bag (white with blue bands, #1) for CHF 38.- and (probably) nine in a LARGE one (same colour, #2) for CHF 41.-


  • If a body suit has to be washed, just put it in an already open laundry bag or start with a new one. The laundry bag (a white bag) is normally located next to the mocap suits rack inside the IAS.
  • When the bag is full (there is a max. blue level line inside the bag) please do one of the following options:
    • If it’s not urgent: give IAS (Kristina or Seb) a message and we will order a pickup soon.
    • If it’s urgent: log in to the Tick Wash website (credentials are in the switch drive under ‘/06_infrastruktur/02_IT/PasswordAndSoftwareAdmin.xlsx’), and make an order to ‘pickup within 30 minutes’.


A complete order usually takes two to three working days.

Give your phone number in the comment field. The delivery person cannot enter the ZHDK building but will call you upon arrival.

The pick-up & delivery time slots are by default on the evening (19:00 – 21:00). So be there or select other slots (12:00 – 14:00)!

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