Filer organisation

This page describe how to use the Filer. Under Each folder you will find an individual input on what kind of infos you can expect to find, what data should be stored where and how you should structure the data.

Inside the filer all our knowledge we gather during the process of of the project – be it in form of howtos, tutorials, animations, code or models – will be stored. Knowledge is our most precious result and we should take care to create a solid and clean house for it.

01_howtos – here are store all links, files, tutorials on how to do things.

02_assets – here we store all the coolest model, textures, materials etc we create and collect and make it available to everybody else.

When you add content, please add a screenshot of the model or a thumbnail of the texture next to the folder and use the same filename. this way we can quickly see what already is in store for us.

  • Please play fair: Make sure you have the proper license to store the files here. If you have downloaded your file, keep them inside their on folder with the license information inside.
  • If it is your own content, add a text file with information about you and other authors. If no license file is provided, we assume it is Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International License

03_personal – all personal thing that belong to your own projects.

04_projects – all things for each project

05_workshops – all things for / from a workshop

06_research – all research

07_lehre – all teaching

08_software – all softwares that need to be installed or are installed in the IAS computers

09_hardware – all things related to hardware

10_infrastruktur – all about where we play

11_mediathek – all about what inspires us

12_publication – all things we want to inspire with

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